Who Would Dare to Say that Travelling Isn’t One of the Best Ways to Improve Language Skills?


Using language by talking with natives in the natural environment is probably the easiest way to beating the fear of speaking.

And it is not the only one perk of travelling! They say you got this unique attitude when you encourage yourself to discover the world, learning about cultures, getting to know people who are different than you. What might be surprising – in the end, they might to seem more like you than you could ever expect.

When you read articles about travelling and you hear this tiny voice in your head which says “I’d like to do the same” it’s a sign that you have the adventurous soul. It’s time to reveal it! The most difficult part is to start, especially when your friends are rather couch potatoes.

Where should you start when you want to begin your travelling adventure?

We will share with you some useful tips which will make this step easier.

No matter if you are an organized person or not, it’s good to follow these advices and stay safe.

  1. Choose a place for your first trip carefully.

Think about direction which won’t require long time of preparation. To enter some countries, you need to take care of visa issues, and even special vaccine (which might require extra costs). If you decide to travel by plane, checking out the prices of flights and choosing the cheapest one is a good way!

Useful tip: Go in incognito mode when you’re checking prices of plane tickets. Some websites remember your IP address and make the price higher when you visit it again.

  1. Read about culture and local cuisine.
Read about culture and local cuisine. Image: Pexels.com.

Learn about common habits of the country you are going to. Find out about body language to avoid embarrassing situations. Try to learn basic words as “good morning” “thank you” and so on. It’s always very appreciated by locals when foreign people try to speak language of the country they are visiting.

Useful tip: Check out the list of the best apps to learn languages.

  1. Packing suitcase can be like a nightmare for many. It doesn’t have to be like this! First of all, check the weather of the country you are going to visit and think about time of your travel. Your first rule of packing should be – LESS is MORE.
    Packing suitcase can be like a nightmare for many. Image: Pexels.com.

Very important thing is to organize your stuff in a suitcase. Use plastic bags to avoid wetting. You can also invest in special organizing bags which will help you to find needed things fast without making mess.

Useful tip: Think about usual things that you can buy in the place you’re travelling to. You will have lighter luggage and will be able to collect souvenirs. Instead of taking big bottles of shampoo, buy small samples.

  1. Let someone know where you are going for a trip.

It’s not about being overly cautious. It might be very useful information in case if anything happens. Nice way to inform your friends where are you is using Snapchat with its cute geofilters.

Useful tip: Check out your mobile operator roaming offer. Usually they have cheap price for the Internet.


After you arrive:

  1. Find tourist information.

You can find there useful information about most interesting places to visit, cheap hostels, restaurants, and upcoming events.

Useful tip: Ask for a map prepared by locals.

  1. Smile and be kind!

There is one rule which will help you not only during travelling.

If you are nice to people, they will answer you the same! It will make your trip easier and maybe you will meet amazing people who will become your friends for years!

Useful tip: You don’t know how to start conversation? It can be simpler than you think. Most of them start will with simple “Hi”.


Written by: Urszula Turowska



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