10 Reasons Why I love Prague


Do you enjoy good company and excellent beer? Then Prague is the right place to be!

#1 Prague is a right sized city (not too small, not too large).

You can enjoy big city's anonymity yet you get to meet your friends.

Prague, Image: Jobspin.cz

#2 The view of the castle above the river

It's simply stunning; every season, every time of the day.

Prague Castle, Image: Flickr.com

#3 Prague is international.

You can live there for years with not knowing the Czech language. However, knowing some Czech makes your life easier.


#4 The pub culture makes you social in Prague.

House parties are not common – just meet at a pub and don’t worry about the after clean-up! The prices of eating & drinking out allow you a rich social lifestyle incomparable to living in other European capitals.

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Image: Pixabay.com

#5 It is a very easy city to tour.

When your feet get tired, the typical Prague’s trams make it a nice way to meander around – no rush, no stress – and the architecture and design of some subway stations is unforgettable.

prague job template
Prague Tram, Image: Jobspin.cz

#6 Prague is beautiful and magical at night!

You have to come to see this.

Prague at night, Image: Wikimedia.com

#7 Every corner in Prague has its history.

President Clinton played a trumpet at this pub; assassins got Heydrich over there; people shook their keys for the most peaceful revolution in history of mankind next to the horse here...

Presidents Clinton and Havel in Prague, Image: Reduta Jazz Club

#8 Czech humor

Many Czech people seem to have a dry sense of humor frequently compared to the British one.


#9 Efficient transport

Prague has a quite cheap and efficient transport system compared to its European counterparts. Your tram or bus arrives on time even when there is snow and you can buy your ticket by sending a SMS.


#10 Prague is family friendly.

There are plenty of playgrounds and parks for children. Prague offers many activities for expat children and parents and the number of bilingual kindergartens and schools is constantly growing.

Discover activities in Prague for expat families.

Image: Pixabay.com


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