Funniest Czech Phrases

While we agree that learning regular Czech phrases and grammar is certainly a good idea, we also like to encourage students to make learning fun and interesting.

If you are studying the Czech language and you want to shine among your Czech friends, watch the Czech equivalents of English idiomatic expressions. They are far from boring!



#1 "It's not my cup of tea." (=I don't really like it.)

A Czech would say: "It's not my cup of coffee." [Není to můj šálek kávy.]


#2 "Wake up at the crack of dawn"  (=Wake up early.)

A Czech would say: "Wake up with the chickens" [Vstávat se slepicemi]


#3 "Be speechless."

A Czech would say: "Have a dumpling in one's throat." [Mít knedlík v krku]


#4 "Girls' night out"  (=A gender-exclusive activity where women meet to engage in social activities.)

A Czech would say: "Ladies' ride" [Dámská jízda]


#5 "Break a leg!"  (=Good luck!)

A Czech would say: "Break a neck!" [Zlom vaz!]


#6 "Drink like a fish"  (=Drink alcohol excessively)

A Czech would say: "Drink like a rainbow" [Pít jako duha]


#7 "It' raining cats and dogs."  (=It's raining a lot.)

A Czech would say: "It's raining wheelbarrows." [Padají trakaře]


#8 "Once in a blue moon"  (=Rarely)

A Czech would say: "Once in a Hungarian year" [Jednou za uherský rok]


#9 "The last straw"  (=The last in a series of unpleasant events)

A Czech would say: "The last drop" [Poslední kapka]


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