Teaching Opportunities For English Speakers In The Czech Republic

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Let’s take a look at the possibilities of native English speakers and other foreigners to teach English or other languages in the Czech Republic. We have summarized available information and uncovered several issues and uncertainties.

Most of the real opportunities to teach English in Czech Republic come from private schools. An average salary a foreign English teacher may expect to get in school ranges from 18.000 CZK to 24.000 CZK (667 – 889 EUR) with an average wage for a 45 minutes’ lesson of about 200 - 550 CZK (7.4 - 20.3 EUR). Interested in overall standard of living in the Czech Republic? See the comparison of living standards between Vienna and Prague as representatives of European capitals.

Most positions are available from the beginning of school period in September; some can be found during the whole academic year, mainly as a substitute for a leaving teacher.

The Academic Information Agency of Czech Republic assists people interested in teaching English in the country, but they work mostly with primary and secondary state schools. Furthermore, most of the positions they offer are in smaller towns of the Republic. The possibility of obtaining place in Prague is very limited. To read further about the AIA’s assisting possibilities in finding a work placement for English teachers, check the information on their website.

To relocate to the Czech Republic in order to work as an English teacher requires a long-term visa. In this case they can be of two different ways: Working Visa or Employment Card and Business or Freelance Visa. To get more information regarding Visas and understand clearly which one appeals more to your needs, check a recent article "How To Work Legally In the Czech Republic In 2016?" and "How To Be Self-Employed In The Czech Republic?" from a Czech relocation agency Expat Care CZ summarizing this topic.

Regarding the issues with finding accommodation in Czech Republic, when you come here to work as a teacher, many schools will provide it for you or at least they will assist you with finding a suitable accommodation.

Having TESOL certificate is important for most of the schools in Czech Republic when considering your application. Students have high expectations of their teachers, and the materials introduced in a TEFL course prepare teachers to lead well-structured classes and teach specifics in English grammar. You can read further about TESOL certificates, choose which one appeals to your requirements and find out how to get it here.

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Going to the Czech Republic to teach English is not only a way to earn rather good money living in a relatively cheap country, compared to its western European neighbors, but an incredible opportunity to live in beautiful old cities like Prague or Brno, contemplate the living history on every narrow street and meet open-minded and friendly people.

Besides working in the schools or tutoring agencies, there are some other possibilities, for instance, private tutoring. One of the most convenient ways of offering your tutoring services is to use our website. It easy, fast and beneficial for all the users. You simply post your offer and people who are interested in learning language will contact you soon using Facebook. Furthermore, we promote the offers on the social networks, so your offer won’t go unnoticed.


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