Review: Best Language Learning Apps for Your Smartphone


Our contributor Iana Marchenko decided to carry out a test of the language learning applications in the market. She downloaded, studied and tried 5 most popular of them. Mobile Apps such a Duolingo, Babbel, Bussu have become good helpers in learning a foreign language, so check the review and start.

1. Duolingo


Without a doubt one of the most popular apps for foreign language learning, which has been downloaded by over 50 million users worldwide on Google Play only.


The application is totally free and it offers wide variety of languages for people from different countries. For example, English speakers can choose from 16 languages such as Spanish, German, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Russian, Polish, etc. Russian speakers have a possibility to learn English, German, French, or Spanish in their native language. The app has very comfortable interface. Topics here are divided by checkpoints. Along with vocabulary, basic grammar rules are covered, such as tenses, question formation, conjunctions, adjectives etc. The App has quite a distinguishing feature, which indicates that topics learned before need to be revised. Along with that, you can add your friends in the app and buy some extra bonus skills in exchange for points earned by learning a language. Studying with Duolingo is fun and motivating.


2. Bussu


Another popular language-learning website, which has also a separate Mobile App. It allows users to choose from 12 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese etc.


After registering, you have two options to choose from – Bussu Premium or Free Version. Free version allows you to learn one language, offers flashcards for vocabulary training as well as the possibility of your exercises to be corrected by native speakers. Bussu Premium includes more options. You can learn all 12 languages at the same time, learn grammar with materials designed by experts, participate in business and travel courses, practice pronunciation, as well as take quizzes and level tests. The price of the Premium package on Bussu can be regarded as considerably inexpensive taking into account all discounts and special offers that are available almost all the time.


3. LinguaLeo


Most popular learning App designed for English language learning only.


You can exercise on the website, but also a user-friendly Mobile App is available. In the beginning, you are offered to have evaluated your language skills in five categories – Speaking, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary, and Reading. In addition, you are asked to answer your interest topic in such spheres as Entertainment, Education, Lifestyle, Society, Technologies, and Business. Your grammar level is checked then and you are asked to identify your educational goal. After all those steps, you finally can start your personalized English language training. The App creates special tasks based on all your answers and evaluations. You can start grammar courses, practice words and phrases, participate in special training exercises as well as enter jungle section. LinguaLeo offers users to learn English via entertaining materials, such as Audios, Songs, Videos, and interesting Texts. This is a perfect application for those who are starting learning English from a scratch or simply wants to improve their level. Learning with LinguaLeo is interactive and engaging.


4. Memrise


Another well known Mobile App, which has over 5 million downloads in Google Play Store and has a wide range of languages reaching the total number of 36 and is totally free of charge.


It is rather different from other applications and offers special memorizing technique while learning foreign language. App has different categories like 1000 Words for intermediate level, 400 Words for TOEFL, Business English, Friends Phrases, 100 Difficult Phrasal Verbs etc. Apart from learning itself, this App has many other things to offer, such as courses on variety of topics including Art, Math and Applied Sciences, History and Geography, Memory Training etc.


5. Fun Easy Learn 6000 words


This app is designed for vocabulary building and is available for 28 different languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Greek, etc.


This is a new application, which I discovered for myself not so long ago in Google Store. It has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All vocabulary here is divided into basic topics which are then logically divided into subtopics. For example, the topic Food contains such subtopics as Drinks, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Cakes and Desserts, Dairy Products etc. Along with that, you can test learned words with the help of special exercises. You can choose from such exercise options as Listen and Write, Write Word, Find Image, Choose Word, and many others. This is quite advantageous, as long as people memorize information better presented not only in words, but also with pictures and pronunciation options. Therefore, Fun Easy Learn 6000 Words can be regarded as a great Mobile App for vocabulary building.


Written by Iana Marchenko



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