Most Popular Self-Study Methods for Learning Foreign Languages


From a variety of study methods, it can be difficult to quickly discover the one that suits you best. To find out the most popular methods among language learners, we conducted a poll among 351 language students. See their answers in an info-graphics below!


1. Reading


One of possibilities of learning on your own is through reading. Reading a book in a foreign language will open up a completely new world to you. This method is not only quite fascinating for those who love reading books, but it helps to enrich vocabulary, learn proper grammar constructions and punctuation. However, while choosing this learning method it is quite important not to forget about your communication skills. It is beneficial to use learned vocabulary and grammar in conversations.


2. Listening to music


Many people claim that learning through music is another way to learn a language. Music is universal, people sing song all over the world and sometimes, they are not even aware of what particular song is actually about. Melodies are easy to memorize and retrieve in a memory together with the words. The problems that might arise while using this method is insufficient conversational practice and quite limited vocabulary choice (take any modern pop song as an example).



3. Communication with native speakers


This method of self-learning is regarded as most popular. Nowadays Internet offers a completely new world of immerse possibilities for foreign language practice. Via huge number of social media platforms, we are able to find people all over the world willing to learn as well. Language exchange has become quite a popular means of practicing a foreign language. The meaning of language exchange itself is connecting two native speakers who are willing to learn each other’s language. They are able to exchange their knowledge, practice speaking, expand vocabulary and of course get to know foreign culture, too.


4. Watching movies in foreign language


This is another possibility to learn a language especially for cinematographic fans. You can enjoy your favorite movie in a foreign language and simultaneously improve your listening skills, as well as vocabulary. For those who cannot yet understand foreign language that well, there are many websites, which offer subtitles to almost every single movie or TV show in your native language.


5. Listening to podcasts


Listening to podcasts might be helpful in enhancing your vocabulary and listening skills. There is a huge number of different podcasts all over the web, containing up-to-date topics, which will not only help you learn, but will give you an insight into quite interesting and important issues of nowadays.

MOST popular self-study method (3)
As we can see, the most popular method of learning a language among all of the respondents appeared to be communication with native speakers, which got 43% of votes. Second and third places go to Watching TV Shows/Movies and reading Books in Foreign Language.
However, it is extremely important to understand that each of these methods is not sufficient on its own. Only combination of those methods, aimed at different angles of language learning, such as vocabulary, grammar, listening and writing, can bring prosperous results. Especially it is quite important for those willing to relocate for study or work abroad, as long as they will need to pass a language test, which contains all of mentioned above sections.


Prepared by Iana Marchenko

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